Searching For A Mission

My heart has been crying out to God. Pining after a mission. Sure, I’ve been drawn to character development, helping people, encouraging them, writing, and planning. What does that mean though? As a mom, I can see all of that being exceptionally useful. As a single person or a pre-married person, what can I do? More than that, how could I make a living doing what I feel called to? Please, if you’re reading this and have a suggestion, tell me.

For now, I have been trying several things. I’m writing more. I would like to write children’s books. I’m trying new things. I want to get out of my comfort zone and continue learning. I’m applying for writing jobs online. So far, I’m unsuccessful. My writing isn’t up to par and I have no experience. I’m researching jobs in both my hometown and in Michigan. I want to know where YHWH intends for me to live.

May our Father reveal to me where He would have me be, what He would have me do, and with whom all this is to be.

Journeys Are Progressive

My friends, do you also find yourself dwelling on a certain principle? Over and over in my head it’s as though I have one track stuck on replay. God seems to be drilling a new way of thinking into my mind. 
My thoughts keep coming back to leadership, true urgency, pursuing excellence, working hard, being prosperous (or learning to manage money well), dreaming big and following through with plans, and using God-given talents to serve Him in some way. 
In my life, here’s what that’s been looking like. I’m attending a ballroom dance teacher’s college, I work three jobs and have created sub-categories to my savings account to better set aside money for certain things, I started this blog, I’ve checked out many books from the library about these topics (urgency, money-management, prosperity, etc.), I make sure to have time for God in the morning, and I consider different ways to apply what I learn. What a change from last year! 
Last year I held two jobs, struggled to keep an eye on my money, watched a lot of tv and movies, napped, day-dreamed about having the motivation to do what I’m doing now, and generally lounged around in my spare time. 
My goals yet for the future are to make time to pray deeply with God, be on a healthier and more balanced diet, work out, get outside in fresh air, and learn to fix small engines. 
What about you, my friends? What is your life like? What are your dreams and aspirations? What do you think holds you back? 

Me Too

Do you also question following your dreams? Do you wonder if you want what God wants for you or if you want what He doesn’t want for you? Do you doubt and hold back?
Yeah. Me too. 
What if we took some bold steps? What if we prayed, “God, please show me Your will for my life. You know I really want to do ________________ with my life. If that is what You want for me too, please bless my efforts to pursue it. If You have something else in mind for me, please lead me in that direction. Please open and shut doors in such a way as to get me there. Please also give me a heart like Yours. Desiring what You desire, not only in my life, but in all things.” 
What do you think would happen? 
Do you want to find out?
Me too.

Gentle Reminders

On my knees before our merciful Lord, with tears in my eyes and streaming down my heart, I sighed. Of all the things I dreamed of being, here’s a girl who is none. Then it occurred to me. That is not true. There is one thing I am: God’s. 
God reminded me that I can focus on what I am not, or what I am. Instead of moaning, I can choose.
Where our mind is, our lives will follow. Do you lay up treasures in heaven? Do you think on the pure, noble, praise-worthy, just, lovely, commendable, excellent, and true?
May our loving Creator guide me and you.
Happy Sabbath, my friends.

Mind Rolls

Today was another winter-esque day. Since I work at a car wash, I had off today. My mind had lots of time to wander. It chose to keep coming back to nagging thoughts of mine. 

What do you really want? (Result)
Why do you want it? (Purpose)
What do you need to do? (Massive Action Plan)

Oh, so many things go on my list. What do I want in regards to which area of my life? Hm? Well, as I thought, I noticed a book from the library I should really read before it’s due. 
In this book, “How to Prosper in Hard Times”, more of my nagging themes came around again. Listen to this: 
“Through dissatisfaction, we are led to satisfaction … When you realize your ambition or desire, you will be satisfied for only a period of brief time; then the urge to expand will come again.” (Joseph Murphy)
How true I find this to be. Do you also feel as though you demand much of yourself, only to turn around and see you’ve accomplished that and must find yourself a new challenge? 

Is it me, or does this post have no real rhyme or rhythm? It seems to be my muddled thoughts – not even put in a neat order for you. I apologize. My head is whirling in a viennese waltz to a Bollywood song. If there is anything you would like me to clarify, please let me know!