Searching For A Mission

My heart has been crying out to God. Pining after a mission. Sure, I’ve been drawn to character development, helping people, encouraging them, writing, and planning. What does that mean though? As a mom, I can see all of that being exceptionally useful. As a single person or a pre-married person, what can I do? More than that, how could I make a living doing what I feel called to? Please, if you’re reading this and have a suggestion, tell me.

For now, I have been trying several things. I’m writing more. I would like to write children’s books. I’m trying new things. I want to get out of my comfort zone and continue learning. I’m applying for writing jobs online. So far, I’m unsuccessful. My writing isn’t up to par and I have no experience. I’m researching jobs in both my hometown and in Michigan. I want to know where YHWH intends for me to live.

May our Father reveal to me where He would have me be, what He would have me do, and with whom all this is to be.

Encouragement Stream

Today I was reminded why I started a blog in the first place. Hebrews 3:13 “encourage one another while it is called today” The trouble started though when I felt discouraged, when I felt pretty low and worn out and didn’t know how to encourage myself, much less anyone else. 

Another possibility is that I told myself I must be more vulnerable on this blog. That scared me and subconsciously could have had an impact on my lack of posts. 

“Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown practically fell into my hands at work this week and I brought it home. After reading the first page, I realized that I had stopped drinking in encouraging messages. I’ve run out of time (or misplaced a book on CD after my car’s tragedy). My influx of encouragement depleted, while not utterly gone, made it difficult to pass on encouragement to others. I will be making an effort to change this. Thank you for your patience!

Refocus; Run On

A recurring theme for me lately has been refocusing on God. The need for me to go back to my first love keeps coming up. 
If you’re like me, you may shoot up short prayers to God all day. At the same time, it’s like drinking water when I’m dehydrated if I take time to pray. This knowledge makes me realize this probably isn’t the only place I falter. That, and I recognize numbness inside me. I know God needs more from me. 
To help me refocus, I’ll share a quote with you. “Shake the dust off, clean your wounds, and begin to run again. A limp will heal with a crutch; the support of each other. Cramps through better breathing; breathing in the Word. Let our hearts not be discouraged, run to win the race.”
This is precisely what I need to do. Too long have I let myself sit collecting dust. In telling myself I need to take it easy, I’ve taken it too far and told myself to take a break. Taking a minute to grab a drink of water is fine, but sitting down is dangerous. 
Wounds can distract us from our goal as well. Don’t let them hinder you. Don’t zone in on them; they can make you stop running. Consider them that cramp in your side, the ache of your muscles; they’re only distractions. You can learn techniques to help, but sometimes the only cure is practice, perseverance, and endurance. 
So, dear brethren, this is my attempt to help myself refocus. These are words of encouragement to me. I hope you find encouragement in them too. 
With Godly Love, yours truly.

You Can Do This!

While reading in the book of Joshua today, I was encouraged. God fought for Israel. He fights for us now too. He made their enemies flee from them. While the enemy ran, God threw down large stones from heaven. “There were more who died because of the hailstones than the sons of Israel killed with the sword.” Think about this, for every enemy/sin we strike down, God will have struck down more. Remember, Israel still had to fight. They still killed with the sword. God will not leave you without responsibility. All the same, with God, nothing is impossible. You can win. You can do this!

Trial Training Ground

In this life, we have trials, barriers, obstacles, and tests. These are there to condition us. God is with us all the while, but these are things He sets up to show us our problem areas. These are character traits and the like that hinder us. 
For us to make it to the end, we need endurance. What helps us acquire that is training. Trials are our training. We must see our weaknesses before we can overcome them. After we overcome them, it’s a little bit easier to keep going. We can go farther without growing as weary.