Mind, Body, Soul

Ugh! I remembered belatedly. Sigh. I’ll get this one of these days.

My friends, I had a revelation. These last couple months seemed to be stretching my mind and mental capacity. I was learning a lot. I was reading and studying and looking into things. I wanted to grow in knowledge and wisdom. The next couple months I have challenged myself to finally complete Insanity. It’s an intense workout program that lasts about two months. I’ve made it half way several times. Each time I was interrupted by the flu. Here’s to the fourth try! On top of that, I have been welcomed in to the WHFA (Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association). They meet four times a week, but I’ll probably only make it two or three times weekly. Still, that’s a lot. Especially on top of doing Insanity. Did I fail to mention I also take time for yoga every night with my boyfriend? With all this on my mind, I came to a conclusion: mind, body, soul. Ergo, if the past several months I was working my mind, and in this period of time I will be working my body, that leaves my spirit. I’m trusting God has me firmly in His grasp and I refuse to worry. It does make me wonder though. Is a spiritual trial next?